Mechanical processing 4.0


In the mechanical processing sector it’s essential to offer a quality product at a competitive price to remain competitive on the market. To guarantee this result, it is necessary to reduce costs improving operational performance. How?

  • Providing reliable delivery dates to customers

  • Easily managing the unexpected

  • Using the machines to their full capacity

  • Reducing unscheduled waiting and operational errors

  • With careful tool management

  • Ensuring a high level of quality through careful controls

lavorazioni meccaniche meccanica industria 4.0 software MES
Nice to meet you, jpiano®

Jpiano® is an advanced software tool that allows, through digitization, to control and optimize every aspect of the production process. Its implementation in the mechanical processing sector can comply to all the main needs typical of this type of production.

The benefits of digitization
in Mechanical Processing

Order management

Planning of orders to be executed on the machine with the availability of related information such as part-program, drawing, instructions, etc.

Production data capture

Connection with numerical control machines and workcenters compliant with Industry 4.0 standards or older systems.

Quality control

Through the execution of accurate checks at every level of the production process: acceptance, start-up, online, in the laboratory, to final testing.

Notifications to personnel

In the presence of situations that require attention, the system alerts the personnel in charge through a display on the machine panel, large-screen or mobile device.

Tool management

Thanks to the data about of wear level of the tools, the system notifies when the change is necessary. It’s possible to obtain forecasts on the needs to avoid too large purchases that create obsolescence.