MES software for Industry 4.0

MES software for
Industry 4.0

The term Industrie 4.0 was used for the first time in 2011 in Germany to indicate the use of IoT technologies, the Internet of Things, within the manufacturing processes and the will of the German government to create the Smart Factory or a factory characterized by high adaptation capacity, resource efficiency, ergonomics and integration.
Today, even in Italy thanks to tax breaks such as hyper-depreciation and super-amortization introduced by the new Industria 4.0 plan, we’re witnessing a transformation and digitalization of manufacturing companies that want to be competitive in an increasingly extended and demanding market.
These companies therefore look for appropriate software tools that favor organizational change, moving from a management based on hypotheses and conjectures to a management based on real and objective data.
The availability of historical data concerning the progress of manufacturing processes can be a valuable help to identify improvement areas and to intercept or, if possible, to prevent drifts and inefficiency situations.
Through a digitized production process, greater visibility is obtained of what is happening in individual departments and a real-time control of key information to monitor industrial costs and the operational efficiency of the factory.

AEC Soluzioni Industria 4.0

MES - Manufacturing Execution System - systems, are therefore the most suitable software platforms to connect the management part of a company with the physical level of the machines present inside departments. Capture data, integrate them and manage aggregated information is one of the strengths of the MES.