Cloud-based Design and Manufacturing: first experiences in European companies

Cloud-based Design and Manufacturing:
first experiences in European companies

The market data relating to the spread of cloud infrastructure for SaaS software usage, are definitely encouraging, with an 8,1% growth in 2015 of annual turnover of cloud services, with the forecast to increase by 19,4% within 2019 (source IDC).

Always more frequently the major manufacturing software vendors make use of the cloud as a business model for their customers, starting from SAP and Oracle regarding ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning). For this reason during the last Hannover Messe, the European Commission announced the project of the European Cloud to support the growing demand for data processing foreseen in the coming years even in Manufacturing.

The seminar is an opportunity to present the first experiences of European companies that use the cloud as a mean to provide specific software services for the manufacturing, usable in pay-per-use way. In particular it will be an opportunity to illustrate the CloudSME platform, the first app-store for the manufacturing world. This platform hosts different kind of software and among these there is Simul8, a software for simulation of discrete manufacturing processes used by many Fortune 500 companies, CloudSME was selected by the European Commission among 500 initiatives as the best example of digital innovation, and at this time its development continues through the migration of specific applications for the management and operation of logistics such as MES solutions (Manufacturing Execution System), for the future integration with other data management IIoT platforms and for the manufacturing data analysis.

Recently AEC Soluzioni has established a collaboration with CloudSME for publishing cloud services that support the operational management of the production. These services will be based on jpiano® platform, a new generation of MES software that helps people integrating the physical world of the plants with the virtual world of software applications into a single interconnected system.

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