Warehouse management

AEC Soluzioni warehouse management

jpiano® allows to define and manage different areas dedicated to specific logistics operations (loading and unloading areas, physical location …). At the same time, with the introduction and spread of increasingly sophisticated identification systems (RFID, NFC, beacons, etc.), it’s possibile locate and track quickly every material or resource inside the company system. These features allow to ensure that the resources in the company and related elements, can be made available on time and in required places. More in detail, it’s possible to:

  • define multiple internal and external warehouses;
  • divide the warehouse into logical sections (loading and unloading areas, physical location);
  • define compartments of the multi-dimensional mapping;
  • identify materials and containers through barcode, RFID tags, beacons;
  • track every movement of materials, resources and containers;
  • do inventory periodically and manage any adjustments.
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