A key requirement for a smooth production process is to be aware of availability, whereabouts and nature of the materials the company owns.

Reaching this goal is possible only through the set up of automated systems to associate each material with information about:

    • acceptance date, quality control results and supplier information for each raw material batch;
    • location within the departments or warehouses;
    • documentation of production advancement (dates of start/end process, involved operators, machinery and equipment used, process parameters, quantities produced, discarded, suspended and recovered…);
    • freshmen and orders completed using that specific batch of material and/or serial specific;

The main advantages are:

      • solving a series of problems related to the location of the property in the establishment and treatments that have been carried out;
      • having a batch traceability, that is to maintain a link between materials, components and semi-finished products.

Identification can be made with different technological methods and devices, which are rated according to the application contexts.

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