Open source hardware technologies

The use of open source hardware, such as Arduino boards and any additional shield, allows the realization of evolved workstations with a reduced economic effort. In fact, especially in the case of particularly complex systems it is very useful for the customer to try concretely the validity of the proposed solution on a line before applying it to the entire plant.

AEC Soluzioni, in its laboratories in Turin, designs and develops prototype boards and specific firmware with the goal of realize I/O integrated and multifunctional workstations for the management of the input and output signals. Through these devices, you get a complete overview of progress and, in the case of anomalies (machine blocks, stops or microstops…). The system communicates in real-time with the operators so that they can intervene directly on the system.
The good results obtained by customers have shown, especially in recent years, that there is a growing inclination from companies to experiment with innovative (and not always conventional) solutions to trigger continuous improvement processes and thus reduce the cost of quality without questioning quality.
Unfortunately, the adoption of advanced prototype solutions is not always a viable or technically advantageous: the success of a solution of this kind depends on the technology landscape in which you want to operate.

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