Research projects

AEC Soluzioni srl, has always been strongly committed to developing new skills. We work with companies, universities and research institutions in multi-faceted projects on the automation of industrial process, always focused on Industry 4.0. Our main skills are designing and developing services for innovative MES solutions (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and designing open platforms for the integration bewtween enterprise software, devices and users.

Our core know-how is:

  • crafting projects of functional / system architectures for internals, cloud and hybrid data centers;
  • developing software solutions for the implementation of different functionalities;
  • assessing exchange protocols between different stages;
  • designing and developing adaptive interfaces;
  • accessibility from pc/web app, smart devices, mobile devices, etc….;
  • firmware development;
  • partnership in crafting and developing smart interfaces for data integration.

We are member of the Pole for Mechatronics in the Piedmont, association in partnership with big, small and start-up businesses, universities (Politecnico of Turin and University), research institutions and technology transfer.

At the moment we’re involved in these projects:

HOME – Hierarchical Open Manufacturing Europe

Web site
Aproject to transfrom the Factory into an interconnected and automatic system.


Web site
An Industry 4.0 project for rubber and plastic field.

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