AEC Soluzioni srl strongly believes in the key role of education. That’s why we have signed an Internship Agreement with “Politecnico di Torino” and other universities, training schools and research institutes in the aim of to carrying out curricular, extra-curricular and post-graduate internships.
These internships often are for undergraduates / graduates their first chance to test themselves and improve their technical skills, motivated by enthusiasm and curiosity. From our side we offer them our knowledge and we contribute to the success of such experiences In particular we seek students of Bachelor / Master degree in Computer Engineering, Electronics and Management.
No specific requirements are asked but, for the IT department, we are looking for someone who has basic understanding of the principles of designing and object-oriented programming, database management, and all sorts of tools for software development.

Proposte di tirocinio

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Candidatura spontanea

Candidatura Spontanea



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