Activity planning

Planning is an essential process for recovering operating efficiency. This is a stage in work where resources and constraints of the production cycle are implemented with data about requests.

In addition to the main production plan (consisting of estimates and orders from customers), the requirements are established from the components previously listed in the order bill. Processing is carried out taking into account the availability of materials in warehouses, the stock levels expected for each stock and purchase orders in progress. At the end of this process you have therefore obtained a list of proposals of orders of materials to purchase and produce.

The planning manager is supported in the definition of the production program and procurement plan in compliance with the delivery dates, especially as regards:

  • establishing the date in which orders will be carried out;
  • setting priorities of orders;
  • establishing the size of batches (min., max. and multiple)
  • management of alternative cycles, corporate resources and materials;
  • management of assembly activities;
  • management of the setup matrix;
  • setting of different procurement policies.
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