AT AEC Soluzioni srl we believe that building partnerships is a key choice for those who want to emerge as winners from the challenges of a global market field. That’s why we work with the support of many partners for all matters related to research and development as well as communication and promotion of our solutions.

MESAP – Center for Mechatronics

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MESAP is a temporary business consortium founded by independent (small, medium, big or start-up) companies, Universities and Research centers willing to increase the competitiveness of the local market field through innovation processes.


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ATENA Info was founded 20 years ago in Turin as a software house. It realizes innovative IT solutions to support the company’s strategic choices and meet the different needs in a personalized way. Atena Info Platform®, a registered trademark and customizable web suite, is based on these elements
Everything originates from a CRM characterized by a simple and intuitive interface. Today its modules cover needs of different business departments. The available features include e.g. internal staff management, customer management, accounting management and promotion of brand.

CDO Piemonte

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Compagnia delle Opere (CDO) is a non-profit business consortium aimed at implementing human, economic and cultural relationships between its members. Compagnia delle Opere promote meetings, researchs and workshops that can help its members to share experiences, know-how and mutual advices.

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