Monitoring and control


Through monitoring functions it is possible to manage the availability of individual systems within a large network of establishments, activities of production departments, the proper functioning of the equipment and devices used to ensure rapid response time in case of unplanned downtime of the entire plant or a part thereof.
Through jpiano® it’s possible to generate automatically notifications and alarms in case of: slow or blocked machines, plant stoppages, material shortage, instruction lack, the occurrence of non-compliance or micro-stops and the detection of out of tolerance values.
It’s also possible to predict which effects can be generated in terms of delay in the delivery time, resource overhead, etc. Users can identify and manage in different ways, micro-stops and ordinary stops:

  • micro-stop, it’s a short-lasting block (few minutes), usually resolved by the operator in line;
  • sudden block, this is a block that requires the intervention of a specialized operator.

Statements from departments

We acquire production data either automatically, via direct connection with the plant and equipment, and through statements of the operators. In particular the statements of the department are developed on the basis of specific customer needs and may include:

  • phases of setup and processing machines;
  • shift change or step deliveries;
  • quality control;
  • quantity completion;
  • recovery or waste materials;
  • shipping to stock;
  • unavailability of plant or plant operations.

Indirect activities

Our solutions also allow you to capture data on indirect activities such as maintenance and cleaning machinery and equipment, instruction, organization inactivity … with the proper reasons.

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