Manpower Management Industry 4.0


From planning to the finished product

Jpiano® is a production management software that has many advantages even for industrial plants with a prevalence of manual labour. In fact, it allows to improve operational performance through optimal management of processes: planning, operator allocation, tooling, production, quality, traceability, logistics

Order management

It is possible, with jpiano® MES, to define a new order or import it from external applications. With simple and quick operations it is possible to plan the different phases of the order and generate automatically the activity plan for the team, the workstation or for individual workers. Information on the progress of the orders is always available and updated in real time, simplifying to calculate the final balance of activities in progress or already carried out.


An intelligent planning system allows you to create an automatic schedule that takes into account the expected dates for the material receiving and the constraints related to transport plans. Jpiano® monitors in real time the requirements and the availability of raw materials and automatically generates proposals for purchase, production and tooling orders. The software automatically manages the workers’ activities based on the required skills and workloads.


It’s possible to set up control plans on acceptance, for the various workstations or in a laboratory inside/outside the plant, also taking into account the sampling policies defined by the customer. The system manages the issuance and printing of order conformity certificates and allows you to manage any non-conformities.

Traceability of materials and processes

Jpiano records incoming materials with the assignment of a UDC (Loading Unit) identification code. It is possible to obtain a complete traceability of the processes and the tracking of orders and materials starting from a specific incoming batch. Furthermore, starting from a batch of finished product it is possible to trace the batches of raw material used and the information relating to the production process. The software integrates perfectly with identification systems such as barcodes, qr codes, RFID tags, NFC tags, magnetic badges, beacons and IoT devices.


It’s possible to support the different phases of packaging by providing the worker with all the necessary information including materials, packaging instructions, marking, packaging provisions and palletization maps. If necessary, it is possible to schedule and manage picking, loading and transport activities, even with multiple-delivery shipments, automatically generating transport and collection orders for the carrier.