MES Products

Until a few years ago the small and medium-sized businesses, pillar of the Italian economy based their planning on approximate methods, sometimes on a multi-year horizon.

Unfortunately today’s market, increasingly competitive and evolving, requires flexibility and speed: it has become necessary to automate the production processes that manage them. This demand has led to a growing interest by SMEs to MESManufacturing Execution System, solutions to equip themselves with reliable tools that enable the company to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

To meet the needs of companies operating in the manufacturing sector AEC Soluzioni srl releases jpiano®.

As a MES application, jpiano® is a specific software platform for the management of the production process that allows control and monitoring in real-time systems. The information processed by the system can be acquired directly from plants or, where that is not possible, by inflow from personnel involved.

MES solutions act as a link between the company’s offices and production departments.Once sales data are acquired, its production and procurement plans are generated. This allows you to monitor the progress until settlement of finished products in stock or completion of delivery to the customer. In this way you can keep track of the time (and cost!) compliance with delivery dates and availability of materials and semi-finished products to be used in processing.

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