jpiano® is a software platform designed to support the management of business processes in particular as regards the organization of the working plan and the control of:

  • plants, decentralized offices and external centers (subcontracting);
  • plant and equipment;
  • specific product and process;
  • working processes;
  • quality and maintenance;
  • materials and associated handling.

This platform, stable and at the same time innovative, can be configured and parameterized according to the specific needs of the client guaranteeing:


Its basic architecture consists of a client-server application, developed completely in Java, which allows it to easily adapt to internal changes of the same production company and the different business realities operating in the sector such as:

  • automotive
  • aeronautic
  • biomedical
  • production of consumer goods
  • boats
  • components and electrical devices
  • precision engineering
  • processing of metals, plastics, glass and wood
  • building of machines


Its modular design allows the implementation and activation of different features according to the specific needs of each customer.


The ease of configuration interface allows multiple types of users (management, foremen, supervisors, employees and operators) to communicate easily with the system.


Procedures for interfacing with the product, make jpiano® easily integrated with other software applications and hardware devices both in the company that the other nodes involved in the production process (customers, suppliers, external centers …). In this way it is possible to make interact users with a unified interface independently of the various heterogeneous elements present in the system. All available information can be exported in several formats, such as .html or .csv, for presentations and subsequent revisions.

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