The main features of jpiano®, our MES solution, are:

  • Highlight critical situations that can cause a postponement of the delivery date agreed with the customer
  • Monitor and possibly identify the causes of unplanned stops and microstops on plants
  • To know the exact state of play of an entire project in real time and the missing elements for its completion (times, dates, quantities …)
  • Ability to associate with each production order information related to compliance checks of the materials, processes and finished products to ensure compliance with the levels of quality demanded by customers
  • Allow an efficient allocation of operators through a database of knowledge that would allow a smoothly workloads to the appropriate personnel or who have specific skills or regulatory requirements
  • Support the programmer in the activities of load balancing in the various departments, taking into account any production priorities
  • Ability to track the exact location of company resources in the establishment (raw materials, equipment, accessories, machinery, semi-finished articles products …)
  • Ability to associate each article finished batch of raw material used in reconstructing the history of the article backwards (data provider, data quality, handling, treatments performed …)
  • Define control plans both during the acceptance that in line and in the laboratory to ensure compliance with the quality standards required by customers
  • Ability to monitor systems and capture real-time production data needed for planning future production plans and make performance analysis via KPIs, Key Performance Indicators
  • Monitor stocks of raw materials stored and their changes by reporting any delays in delivery by a supplier or payment in stock of finished products
  • Perform periodic inventory allowing the adjustment of inventories
  • Plan and execute maintenance (preventive and amazing on condition) so as to reduce the period of unavailability of the system due to such transactions
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