Material management

AEC Soluzioni material management

In order to support the manufacturing rhythm imposed by the market and ensure high quality standards it’s necessary to handle properly and quickly the material flow through the industrial system. According to the material requirements, the company have to be able to:

  • generate a supply request at suppliers, subcontractors or external warehouses;
  • perform every potential acceptance checks of the material that the computer system recommend;
  • ecord the material entry and print an identification code for traceability;
  • report the not receiving of a specific material caused by a failure to deliver or by the occurrence of non-compliance. In these cases it’s necessary to send an automatic reminder to the supplier.

Through jpiano® it’s possibile to:

  • monitor in real time the processing of raw materials in order to keep under control inventory levels;
  • automatically download or on user request the real production consumption and the taken quantity;
  • calculate material requirements and generate the relevant purchase orders on the basis of real consumption of the company;
  • manage all steps of the material supplying procedure (purchase request, request for proposal, evaluation estimates, automatic issuing of the order to the supplier, registration of supplier confirms, etc.);
  • manage the acceptance procedures of incoming materials by performing the necessary required checks;connect each incoming material to an identification code to quickly retrieve associate information (system query, detecting non-compliance, etc.);
  • manage eventual critical containers such as silos or special pallets. These require special management in terms of supply conditions, storage parameters, expiration date, etc…
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