Maintenance management

Monitor the status of their machineries and, if need be, detect rapidly breakdowns are two basic elements to achieve proper maintenance management and obtain cost savings A proper management allows to obtain:

  • lower costs for unplanned stops;
  • lower costs for lack of quality;
  • lower energy costs;
  • improvement in the management of the spare parts warehouse.

Through jpiano® it’s possible to, in addition to acquire data, rework and make available detailed information (including at the level of big data) about what is happening in individual departments, and trigger specific actions to facilitate remedial actions. In particular, companies can:

  • collect, analyze and store data on the health status of individual machines and plant;
  • do the performance comparisons between plants based on specific indicators (eg OEE, combination of availability, efficiency, and quality);
  • identify breakdowns, stops and micro-stops to prevent them and to generate early warnings;
  • obtain the necessary information to plan maintenance (preventive maintenance);
  • generate the intervention plan with the steps to be performed.

Preventive Maintenance

The preventive maintenance is handled through the creation of specific orders to be performed periodically on a plant or on a part of it. In phases of planning activities must therefore take into account periods of unavailability due to maintenance of the system. In these cases, the system will signal the need to carry out his operations and make available electronic documentation related to the activities to be carried out.

Extraordinary Maintenance

In case of failure it is necessary to intervene promptly to minimize the downtime and cost associated with it. It therefore becomes important to quickly inform the personnel involved, perform the necessary diagnostic interventions, carry out repairs or program of specialized work with any purchase of spare parts.
Through jpiano®, following of a breakdown, it’s possible generate automatically alerts to be sent, by e-mail, text message or push notification, to the maintenance responsibles, providing clear visibility on system status.

Maintenance of condition

The maintenance of condition is accomplished through a monitoring system or part of it to check the state of health. It occurs in cases where the preventive maintenance is particularly onerous and that it’s why it can be particularly helpful to plan the maintenance on condition.
The knowledge of the wear state of plants and resources and the presence of specific on-board sensors for the acquisition of the main machine operating parameters can allow, in some cases, to anticipate critical situations, trends or various problems which may affect negatively on productivity.

Analysis time and costs of maintenance

By processing the information acquired on the blocked equipment and the actions takenyou can perform a variety of assessments to plan any corrective action. It is possible to get information on times and maintenance costs, analyzes the causes of the stop and schedule supply of spare parts.

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