Orders Management

On the basis of the information reported in the order placed by the customer, one or more production and purchase orders are created. If the level of complexity in an order is especially high, it is possible to create, display and manage the work plan hrough multilayered structures called WBS, Work Breakdown Structure, allowing their users to work on different levels: main order, milestone stages, intermediate stages, microactivities.
The release of the production orders each department will receive the checklist of the actions to carry out: each department will be able to independently manage unexpected situations and take decisions about the priority of each task or chosing different, more appropriate equipment. Anyone involved (company’s departments, subcontractors, operators…) will have the information they need about:

  • tools and resources;
  • instructions, assembling schemes and other kinds of documents useful in the proper implementation of operations;
  • information about what materials are to be used, origins, critical bins;
  • skills and certifications the operators must have to carry out specific activities;
  • notes about customer’s requests, informations about packaging…

Purchase and subcontractors orders can be forwarded to suppliers in the traditional ways or automatically in electronic form.

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