Fields of work

Industrial information systems

AEC Soluzioni srl is a factory of ideas and software that designs and develops customized software solutions for the industrial sector. We are specialists in the creation of a bidirectional link between the machine layer (plants, production departments …) and the business layer (administrative office, design departments …).
Our solutions are highly modular and scalable and we’re able to customize them based on customer needs. In this case we’re able to provide:

  • software/hardware tools to connect the machines with customer applications;
  • software platform for communicating between heterogeneous enterprise applications;
  • comprehensive solutions based on our MES platform, jpiano®.

We are able to operate at the level of:

  • management of technica data (materials, order notes, production cycles, technical sheets…);
  • management of production resources (machines, plants, tools, documents, skills and knowledge, operator allocation…);
  • materials planning and organization of corporate resources;
  • planning and allocation of activities and inactivities (production, maintenance, distribution);
  • management of production plan (contracts, orders, operations, activities);
  • traceability and traceability of materials (raw materials, semifinished and finish products, incidental materials…);
  • monitoring of manufacturing system;
  • planning and managing quality control plans;
  • wharehousing and shipping;
  • analysis of efficiencies and production inefficiencies.

To ensure quality services and innovative products we collaborate with companies, universities and research organizations to develop complex projects concerning the automation of industrial processes in order to Industry 4.0.
Investing in research enables us to extend our technologic knowhow and offer to our customers services and MES platforms perfectly able to integrate with enterprise software, devices, processes and people of different plants in order to make production processes more performing, fluid and flexible.


In the case of particularly complex plants we develop prototype solutions to allow our customers to evaluate concretely their validity. The initial application of the proposed solution to one pilot line rather than the whole manufacturing system allows to create and test an advanced work station with a reasonable budget.

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