Quality Controls

Input Checks

It is possible to assign control plans to specific items, family, supplier, customer, stage of work… and indicate for each one the individual activities to be performed (measurements, visual inspections, weighing…).

Approval process

Upon request, the operator can carry out the checks necessary for approval of the production process.

Work line Checks

To ensure the compliance of the products to the quality level required by the customer (LQA, Leading Quality Assurance), sampling plans (such as the “Military Standard”) can be performed. The know-how acquired on the field allows us to implement sampling algorithms that take into account the specific needs of customers. The acquisition of information can be performed automatically or on request by the operator. Any non-compliance or out of tolerance values are immediately highlighted in order to take appropriate action.


To complete the testing process it may be required to perform specific operations. For example, in the case of testing of equipment subject to pressure, it is necessary to specify the origin of the individual components (serial number, casting, supplier…).

External controls

In addition to the work line controls it may be necessary to carry out checks in an internal or external laboratory. You can trace the different stages of the life cycle of the control, such as:

  • sampling;
  • sending samples to the laboratory (container management, list samples …);
  • acquisition results (electronically or with manual input);
  • matching results related with orders.

Issuing certificates

After completing the various control cycles you can print a certificate of compliance with the order with an indication of specific results. Certificates are made based on specific customer needs.

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