Charity Projects

We believe that sustainable development is the key factor in the combination of innovation with solidarity.
We are committed to the development of projects having social utility within our areas of competence and to engaging in non-profit activities, sharing our time and skills for the achievement of such projects. AEC Soluzioni srl selects one charity project per year and commits itself to its achievement.


San Secondo Foundation for research on Alzheimer’s disease

San Secondo Foundation for research on Alzheimer’s disease founded and was the first supporter of the project “Memory clinic” dedicated to the late pope John Paul II.

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Project “Vittorio Alfieri e l’Attore”

Cultural Association “Parthenos” is the promoter of the project “Vittorio Alfieri and the actor” dedicated to the great playwright and to the Asti region.

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Basta che siate giovani perché io vi ami assai

Theatrical forms in Saint John Bosco 

This initiative has been organized by Arte&Tecnica in cooperation with Cultural Association “Parthenos” and the town of Castelnuovo Don Bosco and its purpose is preparing the town’s community to the 2015 celebration of Saint John Bosco’s bicentennial.

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