Code of ethics

Our code of ethics is included in our charter. It inspires our action not only in matters related to the respect of laws and regulations but also regarding the moral principles that should rule our civil coexistence, the relationships between individuals, within our company as well as outside of it, in fulfilling its societal purposes. These are the main features of our code of ethics.


Integrity is the fundamental principle that rules all our operations, projects, reports and communications. It is the main factor of our organizational management. The fulfillment of our societal purposes is realized through the cooperation between managing partners, staff members and contributors, whose conduct must follow the principles of integrity, fairness, reliability and mutual respect (Article 30).

Work ethics, protection and valorization of staff members

Our staff’s knowledge, experience, intelligence and culture constitute a capital that must be enhanced and increased. Our company is willing to contribute to their technical training, their professional development and their welfare. The managing and the professional development of our staff members follow the principles of equal opportunities, without discriminations based on gender, origins, religion and customs. All practices of corruption, unlawful favors, collusive conducts, direct or indirect solicitation of personal advantages for themselves or for others are forbidden and will be sanctioned following our code of ethics. Managing partners, staff members and external contributors will abstain from any undue pressure and will undertake actions and choices inspired by the principle of transparency. They will avoid creating or enjoying any kind of privileged conditions (Article 31).


AEC Soluzioni srl ensures the confidentiality status of all the information it receives as well as the full compliance with the laws relating to the management of personal data. It will abstain from the research of confidential data collected through unlawful means. All the information available to the company will be processed in the observance of their privacy and confidentiality status. No one inside the company is authorized to share or exploit for personal benefit any piece of information that he/she might acquire while working under the direct authorization of his/her supervisor (Article 33).

Respect for the individual

AEC Soluzioni srl promotes the respect of the individual’s physical and cultural integrity and of his/her relational dimension. It promotes all the actions that might support working conditions that respect the worker’s personal dignity and safer working environments (Article 34).

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