Data capture

It is possible to capture data through a MES, Manufacturing Execution System, from industrial automation devices such as SCADA, OPC, Server or PLC.
In some cases they can be locked systems because they were designed to interact with dedicated hardware devices. In other cases, it is possible to meet with a greater flexibility in interacting with a wide range of hardware devices but with functional limitations. As for monitoring production chains, it is possible to reach for solutions specifically designed and certified for plants and factories. These solutions are more reliable even if they proprietary ones, which means they are locked and linited in interaction. And very expensive, too.

In recent years, the field has been (in part) changed by the growing diffusion of open source hardware platforms.

In order to make data capture even more convenient, AEC Soluzioni srl has released a new generation MES system: jpiano®.

Architettura tecnologica di jpiano®

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